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Ring in the New Year!

Enrolling is now FASTER & EASIER with myHEALTHware! Your patients don’t have an email address? No problem! The NEW myHEALTHware Text and Voice feature allows patients to be invited to myHEALTHware via ...

myHEALTHware Updates!

myHEALTHware just released the following updates to improve myHEALTHware! • Resolved an issue that was occurring when deleting an email address. • Resolved an issue when that was occurring when ...

New CPT and HCPCS Codes

The new, deleted, and updated CPT and HCPCS codes for 2015 are now available on the SOAPware Cloud Library. The keyword for the new codes is: !!!2015!!! The changed and ...

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Customer Feedback

Dave J., M.D.

“It’s hard to imagine running the clinic without it. SOAPware is so easy to use that even part-time providers at the clinic have a short learning curve.” more ..

Isaac K., MD

“SOAPware EHR saves time and money” more ..

Glenda P.

“The SOAPware staff is very helpful.” more ..

Alan D. MD

"SOAPware is amazing." more ..

Ivette D., MD

“A on customer service and support. You have the best staff!” more ..

Debra L. H., MD, FAAFP

“SOAPware and its Instant Medical History and other integrations is like the extra employee in my office who is tirelessly available 24/7.” more ..

A. Herbert A., MD

“With SOAPware, I am so efficient that the record is completed before the patient leaves the office” more ..

Dr. Brooks L.

"I am much more complete with SOAPware." more ..

Jennifer M., MD

“I love SOAPware! Thank you!”     more ..

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