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Physicians around the world have ranked SOAPware as #1 in Quality of Care! Let us show you why.

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Electronic Healthcare for You

Patient Engagement

Give your patients the tools they need to manage their health care. SOAPware’s robust feature-rich platform, myHEALTHware, delivers maximum privacy, security and ease-of-use. myHEALTHware is the ultimate coordinated care solution!

Practice Management

Is available as an addition to the SOAPware EHR, and offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing the revenue cycle in your practice. Save time by scheduling appointments and applying payments from multiple accounts across a single screen and much more!

Meaningful Use

SOAPware, Inc. is certified for 2014 Meaningful Use, Stage 1 and 2 from the Drummond Group. This process was an in-depth and comprehensive process involving product design work and development, as well as extensive support systems development.


Security isn’t something most practices want to worry about – and now, you don’t have to. With SOAPware’s robust enterprise-level security baked into the software, managing user access and maintaining a log of users interactions with the software is easy.


SOAPware helps you achieve interoperability through various means of integrations and interfaces. From lab results to registry submission, SOAPware helps to facilitate your ability to share and receive critical health information from other systems.

myHEALTHware ePay

Give your clinic a healthy dose of convenience with ePay!  Patients can pay invoices quickly and easily 24/7.  All major credit cards and US bank accounts supported.  Fully PCI compliant and no monthly fees!

Physicians around the world have ranked SOAPware as #1 in Quality of Care! Learn more about how SOAPware can help your practice THRIVE!

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Exceptional Software

SOAPware empowers medical professionals and patients with innovative technology and services.

Empowering Healthcare

SOAPware improves healthcare and the quality of life for practices and patients in 75 different medical specialties.

Experience You Can Trust

Our products and services are derived from more than 20 years of experience.

Give your clinic a healthy dose of convenience with myHEALTHware ePay!

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Patient Encounters

Here’s what some of our users have to say…

It’s hard to imagine running the clinic without it. SOAPware is so easy to use that even part-time providers at the clinic have a short learning curve.

Dave J., MD

Sports Med. / College Health, SOAPware User since 2007

SOAPware and its Instant Medical History and other integrations is like the extra employee in my office who is tirelessly available 24/7!

Debra L. H., MD, FAAFP

eMDee Clinica, SOAPware User since 2003

With SOAPware, I am so efficient that the record is completed before the patient leaves the office!

A. Herbert A., MD

Orthopaedics, SOAPware User since 2002

Meaningful Use Certified EHR!

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Solutions for You

While there are hundreds of EHR vendors, there are no significant competitors offering an equivalent to the SOAPware Triple Solution. Only SOAPware delivers a complete, bundled, practical and affordable EHR.

Clinical Software

The SOAPware EHR originated over two decades ago. From the beginning, the focus of SOAPware has been to facilitate the doctor-patient relationship. SOAPware originated from a core team of progressive thinking physicians, and is still lead by medical professionals today. Its feature list equals or exceeds other product offerings. Learn More >

Patient Engagement

The SOAPware Patient Engagement Platform, myHEALTHware, is a state-of-the-art healthcare coordination platform that combines the best features of social networking plus 20 years of medical software expertise. The result? Highly accessible health information, delivered with maximum levels of privacy, security and ease-of-use. Learn More >

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

SOAPware RCM can assist your clinic in tracking patient care episodes from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance.  SOAPware RCM offers benefits such as a dedicated account manager, claims processing, managing rejections, sending statements, insurance payment postings and much more!

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