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Questions about CQMsolutions?

Tips to prepare for the CQMsolution

  • Check to see that a Group has been created in SOAPware and the Providers in the clinic are assigned to a group.
  • Check to see that any Groups have a Legal Authenticator set.  This is required for CQM upload and Calculation.
  • Continue documenting the CQM workflows following the instructions in the Clinical Quality Measures Manual in the Meaningful Use Resource Center.
  • Sign off charts during the reporting period! (If a SOAP note is not signed off, the documentation in that note will not be included in CQM calculations.  These must not cross the reporting period.  For example, if the reporting period is January 1- March 31st, the SOAP note Encounter is dated January 5th and the note isn’t signed off until April 22nd, this encounter “crosses the reporting period” and is not complete at the end of the reporting period.  That information will not be included. However if the reporting period is Jan 1 – Dec 31st this information would be included.)

The CQMsolution gives SOAPware Users the ability to calculate Clinical Quality Measures for various reporting programs such as PQRS, CPC+, and MIPS.


  • The CQM solution is certified for all 64 PQRS measures for EP’s.
  • Exports both QRDA3 and PQRS QRDA files for reporting.
  • Ability to view details about each measure – such as the patients that are listed in each part of the calculations.

About:  CQMsolution® from Dynamic Health IT (DHIT), a Quality measure and interoperability solutions Company, has created a user-friendly, browser-based application for calculating, displaying and generating clinical quality measure output. The software has received the latest ONC certification (2015), compatible with Cypress 3.2. CQMsolution® supports all 93 eCQMs, all 64 aligned PQRS measures and Hospital Quality Reporting Program eCQMs (IQR and EHR). DHIT is an ORYX-certified vendor for Joint Commission as well as a DSV for QualityNet. We also support CCBHC quality measures.

CQMsolution can be used with the latest edition of ONC Certification (2015 Edition) to meet measures (c)(1-4) and validates with the latest CMS Schematron for quality measure submission. Our software has been tested rigorously against Cypress and BONNIE to ensure measure logic is met as expected for a robust sample of test patients.

FAQs regarding the new CQMsolution


Q: How much does the CQMsolution cost?

A: Please contact the SOAPware Sales Department for more information or Chat with us about it now!


Q: Why is this solution not included with my SOAPware subscription?

A: Keeping up with changing requirements and calculations necessary for eCQM demands an increase in dedicated resources.  To ensure that we continue to meet industry standards, SOAPware has integrated with Dynamic Health to provide these calculations.  The annual subscription fee for our new CQMsolution is necessary to cover the additional costs related to providing the highest quality product to our customers.


Q: When will the CQMsolution be available?

A: The CQMsolution will be available with the next release of SOAPware. An official release date has not yet been scheduled but a news alert will be published when a release date is confirmed. It is important to note that users must first update to the next release of SOAPware before they can purchase the CQMsolution.


Q:  Does the CQMsolution run on any operating system?

A: The new CQMsolution will not run on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.  Any computer on newer Windows operating systems will be able to access the CQMsolution.


Q:  When is the last day to begin your reporting period for MIPS 2017?

A:  The last day to begin your reporting period for MIPS 2017 is October 2nd.  Please keep in mind, that the current Stage 2 Meaningful Use measures available in SOAPware allow you to calculate necessary measures for the “Advancing Care Information” portion of Mips.  For the “Quality” portion of MIPS, this relates to Clinical Quality Measures.  The workflows that have been in place for 2014 CQM calculations are unchanged. Therefore if you are following these workflows from our documentation you are already documenting for 2017 CQM’s.  When you purchase the CQMsolution and download your license, files will be generated and uploaded for calculation.  This CQMsolution allows you the ability to run reports for any time period.  This will allow you to select any 90 day period in 2017 to use for your attestation.  The deadline for submitting this data for 2017 to the CMS will be March 31, 2018.

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