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myHEALTHware ePay: Getting paid has never been easier! By installing ePay, your clinic can:


  • Accept Patient Payments 24/7
  • Your Patients Can choose how to pay with payment methods that include all major credit cards, debit, and US checking accounts – no MHW account is needed!
  • Safely and Securely store the payment methods for convenient reuse
  • Get Paid Faster by receiving payments that are automatically deposited into your account!
  • Easy to Use Reports such as filter payments by date range and/or status; Easy search by name, confirmation code, and invoice or account number; archive and unarchive payments; export payments to CSV file and much more!
  • Patients can now pay through the myHEALTHware mobile app!
  • Receive payment at point of sale, phone, or mail
  • Support for credit card readers with no monthly rental fee

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