HIPAA – Security

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HIPPASecurity isn’t something most practices want to worry about – and now, you don’t have to. With robust enterprise-level security baked into the software, managing user access and maintaining a log of users interactions with the software is easy.

At SOAPware, we realize that maintaining legislative compliance is essential to patient privacy, Meaningful Use success, and health care reform in general. For this reason our ONC-CCHIT certified EHR is always in accordance with the latest HIPAA mandates, such as those contained in the Privacy and Security Rules.

Due to the increasing incidence of Meaningful use and HIPAA audits, Security and Disaster Recovery planning should be of particular interest to all EHR users. It is imperative to know exactly which activities your medical practice must successfully accomplish in order to avoid harsh penalties including fines and/or imprisonment. These include but are not limited to:

• Conducting a security risk assessment and evaluation

• Performing and testing regular system backups

Sections 164.308-164.316 of the Security Rule contain complete information outlining “Required” and “Addressable” (these may be determined unnecessary with provision of specific documentation) components of HIPAA. Before implementing an EHR, please click here to view the following resources to ensure a functional understanding of HIPAA requirements.

Security is just one of the many features built into SOAPware. Let’s take a look at a few more. Learn More >

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