Ranked 1st – Medical Economics Top 50 EHRs

Ranked #1 in Quality of Care.

firstqualityofcareDid you know that according to Medical Economics, SOAPware, Inc. is ranked #1 in Quality of Care?

Medical Economics bases their rankings by utilizing a system that scores an EHR based on the following criteria:

“An EHR system can either enhance or hinder the care a physician provides to his or her patients. The promise of EHRs is that they will help physicians and the healthcare system provide high-value care, but that remains largely unfulfilled. Some systems are closer to this ideal than others. The vendors that focus on helping physicians navigate today’s healthcare challenges will thrive.”

Physicians from all over the world have voted SOAPware as #1. If you would like to learn more about how SOAPware can help your practice THRIVE, fill out the contact form today!

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