SOAPware Practice Management - Scheduling

Ranked #1 in Quality of Care. #1 Recommended EHR System for Small Practices.


The SOAPware® Scheduling solution provides an easy way for clinics, large or small, to make their schedule work for them. With features like multiple views, quick data entry and establishing time slots and operating hours by physician, our scheduling system has everything you need. Training is minimized by borrowing many design queues from Microsoft Outlook.  

Easy to use

The SOAPware® scheduling system borrows many design elements from MS Outlook and other popular scheduling systems. This allows your practice to get up and running quickly. Rescheduling an appointment is as simple as dragging and dropping it to another time slot. Prebuilt ‘templates’ provides a quick, easy and standard way to schedule popular appointment types (physical, flu, etc). The most popular functions are available via a single click for the toolbar or through standard key commands.


Like the rest of SOAPware the medical scheduling portion is both usable ‘out of the box’ as well as being immensely customizable

  • View multiple providers and/or resources side by side.
  • Recurring blocks (such as lunch or in-service training slots)
  • Recurring appointments by patients
  • Holiday closings
  • Unlimited resources and facilities
  • Color coding
  • Prebuilt Appointment Templates


SOAPware® medical scheduling software can adapt to virtually any practice setting

  • Daily weekly or monthly in a single click
  • View multiple resources/providers side by side
  • Navigate by day, week or month
  • Schedule people, rooms and resources
  • Custom Appointment Statues
  • Unlimited resources and facilities
  • Color coding
  • Pre-Built Appointment templates
  • Find next appointment quickly
  • Color coding

Our medical scheduling program relies heavily on color coding to make schedule reviews quick and easy. Many users have found this simple feature to be invaluable to their practice. With simple color coding they easily track patient’s progress through clinic, highlight specific appointments types and track status of appointments.

Clinic workflow with color coding

Dr. Miller, family practice physician SOAPware® user since 2003

Integrated with EMR

Since we build the scheduling, billing and EMR components, you can expect the scheduler as part of the team with everything else. From within the EMR users can see quickly the appointment history and/or create new appointments

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